Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my credit?

By hiring the services of a third-party credit repair company and allowing them to dispute inaccurate items on your behalf; either with the credit bureaus or with the companies that reported or "furnished" your credit information to the bureaus. The intent is to have the credit bureaus or furnishers either delete the credit information altogether or modify it in some way so that it appears accurately. By disputing and removing inaccurate erroneous items on the consumer’s credit report, the credit profile and score will naturally improve.

How does the billing process work?

The client will be billed a one-time fee upon enrollment after the completion of the associated enrollment services, and a reoccurring monthly fee while active in the program. We only collect our fees after work has been performed.

Why do credit scores vary?

The main factors are varying consumer credit behavior, different credit bureau scoring models, varying reported information to multiple credit bureaus.

How long does credit repair take?

Timelines vary depending on the severity of damage from inaccurately reported information to the consumer’s credit report. It can take a commitment of a few months to multiple years.

Do you challenge inquiries?

Yes, if an inaccurate item is showing on your credit report the client can request to challenge that particular item.

How might my score change with this process?

The client’s credit report can improve through the credit repair process as inaccurate items are deleted from their report. During the process, it is also possible for your credit score to decline before it improves.

When you pull my score and report, does it impact my credit score?

When you request a copy of your credit report or check credit scores, that's known as a “soft” inquiry. ... Soft inquiries do not affect credit scores and are not visible to potential lenders that may review your credit reports.

Why is monitoring your credit important?

It is important to keep a watchful eye and avoid erroneous information to remain on the client’s report. Being aware of fraudulent activity as soon as possible is key to preserving the client’s credit profile and score. A person’s credit score(s) greatly influences their ability to secure a home loan, rent an apartment, or open a credit card account.

How do we protect your personal information?

All systems are encrypted. Personal information is saved on a separate server. Username and passwords will be issued to staff to monitor, track, and protect information.

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