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There are plenty of challenges in life without having to worry about your credit. Let Rapid Credit do the work for you!

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How Rapid Credit Works

1. Review your Credit Reports with your Assigned Team
2. Contact the Bureaus to Remove Misinformation
3. Use your Higher Scores to Secure Loans & Financing

We are here to help you resolve any current credit issues and maintain a positive credit profile.

We support, monitor, and help you protect your credit while providing you with educational resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Rapid Credit Member Benefits

Convenience, Protection, a Consistent Point of Contact, and Much More!


Credit Monitoring Get important alerts as they happen!
45-day Credit Reports Get detailed updates every 45 days!
$1,000,000 Fraud Protection For You and Your Family!
Request a Free Consultation It's fast, easy, and will help you learn about your options.
Credit Education Keep Your Great Credit for Life!
24/7 Online Access ON your Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone!
Violation Investigation We can help identify FDCPA and FCRA creditor violations
Account Validation Ensuring collections agents have the right to collect and report.
LET THEM SPEAK FOR US What Our Customers Say Stars TrustScore 4.8

Rapid Credit has been awesome! They got to work quickly and removed a bunch of negative items from my report. I feel much better about my score now. I’ll feel more confident when I apply for a student loan near future.

Renee B. California

I love the Rapid Credit app! You can check in whenever you want and track your progress. I really needed some help and they came through. Major credit improvement and only 1 more account left to dispute! Thank you!

Carmen S. Texas

The enrollment process online was easy. They are there to answer any questions you have after you sign up too. You get notifications whenever something changes on your credit report. So every time something gets removed you know about it. Great service so far.

Manny M. Florida
Our Subscription Plan Pricing Contact one of our Credit Repair Specialist to hear everything about our program has to offer!
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Ready to get started? Start your Consultation Now Start your no-obligation, confidential consultation to find out if we’re able to help you! It’s fast, easy, and will help you learn about your options.

Stars TrustScore 4.8